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Limb loss is a medical condition that is caused by birth defects, medical complications or trauma.

Approximately 1,600 people undergo amputation in Israel annually. Limb loss refers to any level of amputation: partial finger to full upper and/or lower extremity. While limb loss is mostly an orthopedic issue, it often results in full disability and affects normal family and social status.

When proper prosthetics are provided, and high-end technology and materials are used, amputees can proceed to live a normal life.

The Next Step - הצעד הבא, established by the Israel Medical Fund in 2015, is an Israeli non-profit organization that raises awareness to limb-loss and prosthetics, provides access to high-end prosthetics not provided by Ministry of Health, and offers technical and emotional support to amputees.

Services are mainly performed by volunteers - some amputees themselves, who wish to pass on their knowledge and experience, and to provide support to others.

In the US and Europe, the most advanced technology is available. From bionic-robotic hands to microprocessor knees and active fitness prostheses, amputees get to enjoy
the best available prosthetic solution to supplement the missing limb and achieve maximum functionality. Amputees also enjoy an array of government benefits and activities, such as ongoing physical therapy programs, rehabilitation, walking/running clinics, and amputee camps (intensive amputee PT program) made available by NGOs.

Israel has a socialized healthcare system which does not provide the same level of care that is available in other countries. Ironically some of the most innovative technology in handicap assistive equipment is invented by Israeli scientists. However, these products are not always marketed in Israel due to high costs that are not authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Israel is ranked #27 out of 34 OECD countries in annual expenditure on prosthetic devices per patient.

Low monetary allocation by MOH for prosthetics, due to regulations dating back to the early 80’s, resulting in lack of experience and access to advanced technology that was developed over the past 25 years.

Bureaucracy in the approval process for new prosthetics, repair and ongoing rehabilitation.

Focus is mostly on cosmetics rather than functionality, resulting in poor prosthetic fitting with limited function.

Lack of education among amputees so they are not aware of better options.

Lack of mobility and running clinics, and no rehabilitation and physical therapy center focusing solely on limb loss.


The Next Step educates amputees on available technology, promotes physical achievement and functionality through a comprehensive and informative network of online, print and conference media, alongside emotional support counseling.

The Next Step established walking and running clinic groups across the country.

The Next Step advocates on behalf of all amputees in Israel for change in regulations, approval process and general funding, through lobbying, legislative and public awareness campaigns.

The Next Step Brings amputees with complex amputations to the United States for the most advanced fittings.

The Next Step plans to build a rehabilitation and physical therapy center catering specifically to the amputee community.




Website and limb-loss resource guide
Bi-monthly publication
Amputee conferences+expo


Walking/running clinics
Amputee custom fitness plans


State of the art prosthetics
Travel and lodging in the U.S.
Follow up care in Israel


Hospital visits pre/post amputation
Limb-loss care packages
Support groups
Respite for amputees and family


Floor models collectione
U.S. & Europe
Distribution and fabrication in israel


Home fitting assistance
Parent/child support groups


Homebound tutoring
Education for classmates and staff


Winter ski trip
Summer adventure camp


Lobby and legislation
Expediting of approvals and care


Public appearances
Advertising and public relations


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